Steel Chimneys

Detached steel chimneys

We carry a wide assortment of standard chimneys. From Ø 200 to 400 mm and heights from 6 m to 20 m.

The bearing cover is dimensioned according to current Irish legislation and is made of Corten steel plates with material thickness according to static calculations.
Terrain category II. The flue gas conducting core is made of 4 mm Corten steel with welded gas seal and insulated with 2x30mm wire cloth mats with displaced joints. The insulation is secured to the core with welded dowels and steel strips.

The chimney is supplied with:

  • Lift brackets at the top
  • Channel connection led perpendicularly through the cover, with the required reinforcements.
  • 1 cleaning door ø 200 mm with ¾" drain outlet.
  • Ladder rungs from 3 m above foot plate and closed rim at the top.
  • Factory assembled anchor bolts and moulding template.
  • All welding is performed by certified welders.
  • Illustrations and static calculations are supplied for authority approval.

 Optional surface treatment:

  • Outer surface treatment for corrosion class C3 with five-year guarantee against rust and peeling.

 Optional flue gas conducting core:

  • Optional inner core made of acid-resistant stainless steel for natural gas fired plants.

 Other chimneys.

  • Please ask for quotation.

Flue gas channels are made according to illustration. Delivery and installation according to agreement.

 Download dimension diagram